Academic Tutoring

Is your child challenged by a specific subject, or is he/she excelling a pace which far surpasses that of his/her peers?  Consider academic remediation or enrichment beyond that which is provided during the school day.  All tutoring sessions are private, one-on-one sessions, with 60 minutes of instruction tailored to each student’s needs.  Your child will be tutored by an experienced and certified teacher, with up-to-date knowledge of best practices and current curricula, who is dedicated to helping your child reach his full potential.

A student may benefit from academic support tutoring if:

- the student’s teacher has indicated that he/she needs additional support to meet grade-level expectations

- the student is demonstrating a lack of consistently in applying skills/concepts

- the student lacks confidence, is often confused in a particular subject, and/or feels “different” than his/her peers

- you find it challenging to work with your child on academic content areas due to family time constraints or lack of familiarity with “new”    teaching/learning methods

- the student has a diagnosed disability which causes learning to be more challenging

A student may benefit from academic enrichment tutoring if:

- the student’s teacher indicates that he/she has mastered the application of skills being taught in the classroom setting and is in need of    additional challenges

- the student is excelling at a pace which far surpasses that of his/her peers

- the student would like to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to challenge work or the creation of self-guided projects             

  unrelated to school assignments


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